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    Texas Wedding Guide Blogs about 4 Flashes Photo Booth

    Last updated 6 years ago

    We are sharing a blog that Miss Bliss of The Texas Wedding Guide posted today. Fun stuff, check it out!!

    BRIDE'S BLOG WITH MISS BLISS WILD ENTERTAINMENT: Photo Booths! jan 12, 12 | by: Miss Bliss

    Miss Bliss is always in search of fun ways to spice up the big day! One of her latest loves is photo booths from 4 Flashes Photo Booth. Kristen Hawkinson, owner of 4 Flashes Photo Booth filled us in on this EXCEPTIONAL and MUST-HAVE accessory for any event: wedding reception, anniversary and corporate corporate parties, and birthday celebrations! Hawkinson gives us tips on ways to, hilariously, strike a pose so that your pictures come out looking like you have just had the most exhilerating experience of your life- or at least photograph like you did!

    Q: What is the most exciting event you have attended?

    A: New Year’s Eve Weddings – It’s like 2 parties in 1! A champagne toast at midnight to ring in the New Year and it gives the bride and groom a send-off to remember.

    Q: What makes a great photo?

    It is great to be planned out or spontaneous. The key is to choose a pose, own it, then “stick it” for the picture. Using your whole body such as tilting your head, turning your body or using your hands works best.

    • bride and groom in the photo booth
    • bride and groom in photo booth

    Q: How are props beneficial?

    A: Props are great to add to the silliness factor. When people put on a hat, boa and fun glasses, they instantly start to giggle and even entertain those around them. Once they get a look of themselves in our live view monitor inside the 4 flashes photo booth, the hysterics continue throughout the photo booth session!

    Q: What are the most played out poses, the cutest, the most annoying, etc.

    A: Played out poses – gang signs and mug shots

        The cutest – kissing of course, displaying the wedding rings, back to back like charlie’s angels and blowing kisses

       Most annoying – reluctant participants….they don’t know what they are missing!

    • IMG_2155
    • 060

    Q: Have YOU ever done the photobooth?

    A: I get in the photo booth all the time, sometimes even with the wedding guests!

     (All Photography courtesy of 4 Flashes Photo Booth)

    We thank the owner of 4 Flashes Photo Booth for taking the time to disclose her photo secrets and tips. I will say, as a fellow photo booth participant it was the most fun I have EVER had taking pictures at a party. You would think that I took these pictures at a wedding, seeing as to how I am Miss Bliss. In actuality, I went to my best friend's corporate Christmas party at the Dallas World Aquarium! I was in this ridiculously vibrant fuscia gown and it was definately a SHOWSTOPPER in all the photos. The props that 4 Flashes provided allowed for everyone at the party to come out of their shell, let loose, and have fun. According to my friend's bosses and co-workers if 4 Flashes had not been there "it would not have been such a memorable event"- and not because the amount of alcohol served, but because 4 Flashes Photo Booth really BLEW UP THE PARTY.

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    • Photo Booth Rental Owners Matt and Kristen

    Photo Booth Thrills All At The Hyatt Associate Party

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Somehow 4 Flashes Photo Booth had not done an event at the downtown Dallas Hyatt Regency yet.  So we were stoked to provide our photo booth services for their very own Hyatt associate holiday party.  

    While obviously some staff had to "man" the hotel, hundreds of Hyatt associates took over a huge ballroom and got to eat wonderful food, play fun games on stage and take tons of photos in the 4 Flashes Photo Booth.

    Thanks to Mike and Amanda and the referral for the Hyatt Regency DFW event as well! We look forward to collaborating on many events in the future.

    To book your event with 4 Flashes, email



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    Photo Booth Got It's Biggest Workout by The Integer Group

    Last updated 6 years ago

    4 Flashes Photo Booth did over 30 holiday parties this past December.  We saw everything from a low key dinner with a few dozen people to full blown bashes with awesome bands and hundreds in attendance.  The Integer Group fell somewhere in between holding their annual holiday party at the Dallas Aquarium just a few weeks ago.  

    It was a joyous occasion, as we could tell many of their staff had worked there for years and happy to see co-worker's spouses and enjoy an evening with friends and fun.  There were dozens of giveaways as rewards which hyped up the crowd even more.

    The photo booth became the star once the ice was broken, dinner was over and everybody was loose.  This creative group hardly even used the props.  They came armed with pose upon photo booth pose and captured amazing shots!  The line was VERY deep, when we realized our contracted time was almost up.  We quickly asked if they wanted to extend the photo booth time, and they jumped at the chance to keep the crowds happy....even the company President and other "big wigs" got in and enjoyed the photo booth!

    Thanks for a great time, Integer!  We look forward to working with you in the future! for booking information.

    Have a safe and happy 2012!

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    2012 Wedding Photo Booth Bookings in Full Swing

    Last updated 6 years ago

    Christmas chaos has come and gone and this has 2012 Dallas brides anxious to plan their wedding day!  4 Flashes Photo Booths' inquiries and bookings for weddings have skyrocketed in the last 2 days. If you have your date for your big day in 2012, call us quick to ensure photo booth availability!

    Happy New Year! Be Safe.

    Congrats to our New Year's Eve couples tying the knot tomorrow night:

    Morgan & Joe AND Bekah & Nathan


    Photo Booths for All and to All a Good Night

    Last updated 6 years ago

    26 photo booth events in just 10 days.  4 Flashes is pretty tired on this Sunday morning (oh wait, is it afternoon already?), but SO incredibly grateful to all of our brides & grooms, the companies that hired us for their holiday blow-outs, Luke's Locker for having us at the WRE and the lone bar mitzvah. Thank you for making our December such a success and allowing us to end 2011 on such a promising note.

    Photo Booth popularity skyrocketed this year and The 4 Flashes Photo Booths team did our best to provide the best service and product to give all of our 225 events and thousands of guests a Premiere Photo Booth Experience!  We plan on making 300 clients happy with us next year!

    Call us for your 2012 Photo Booth booking soon.  214.842.6007

    Happy Holidays!

    by Kristen

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